The DIY rod holder storage box for your fishing kayak

4.03.08 003 There are a lot of commercial rod holders and storage boxes out there you can purchase for your fishing kayak.  The accessory market for kayaks is huge and growing.

I try not to put money in someone else’s pocket when I can do the work myself though.  This is an easy DIY project that gives you multiple rod holders and an convenient storage tote for all your fishing gear.  Best of all it only costs you a few bucks or a few hours scrounging for materials.

Low cost or scroungeable materials needed:

  1. An old milk crate – There is one of these in everyone’s basement.  I think they come with the house.  If you don’t have a basement, your local grocer is your best source.  I bought an extra crate from the grocery for $2.00.
  2. 2 inch diameter PVC pipe – I had some of this laying around too, but a 6 foot section of this was $3.00 at the hardware store.
  3. Zip ties – Get a big package of these.  The more zip ties the more stable your box will be.

kayak-rod-holder-storage-crate Just cut your PVC pipe into lengths that fit flush with the top edge of your milk crate.  Next zip tie as many of the pieces of pipe to the inside corners and sides of your milk crate as you like.  The 2 inch diameter will accommodate your fishing rods, net handle, or even an umbrella for a little shade.

On the next version of my fishing box I’m going to have two of the pipe pieces placed at an angle so my rods aren’t pointed straight up.  Fishing under a low hanging branch and hearing your rod tips crunch and crackle is about as fun as leaving your antenna up in the car wash.

Have you created any do it yourself projects for your fishing kayak? Tell us about it in the comments.

4 thoughts on “The DIY rod holder storage box for your fishing kayak

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  2. Brilliant. I’m refurbishing a handful of rods and reels I’ve inherited over the years. They’ve be getting tangled and banged up in storage – this will do the trick!

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