Trail of the Big Trees in the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge

trail-of-big-trees-noxubee-refuge-005 I took a short hike down the Trail of the Big Trees in the Noxubee Refuge the other day.  The refuge web site claims the the trail is 4 miles; 2 miles out 2 miles back.  It seemed alot shorter.  Although, to be honest, I’m not sure I made it to the end.

There is supposed to be a sign at the end of the trail commemorating a fallen national champion Shumard oak tree, I never found the sign.  The trail just kind of gives out at the bank of the Noxubee river.

trail-of-big-trees-noxubee-refuge-014 While the length of the trail is a little disappointing the scenery made it well worth the while.

The trail is bordered on one side by the Noxubee River and on the other by an impressive stand of old growth hardwood trees.  I’m told some of the oaks along the trail are over a hundred years old.  In heavily forested Mississippi it is truly rare to see oaks survive that long.


Glancing back to the Noxubee river side always provided a new rewarding view.  Despite some fallen trees in the river, I still can’t wait to try my kayak in the Noxubee.

I’m going to revisit the Trail of the Big Trees soon, and I’m not leaving till I find that commemorative plaque.

There are more pictures from the Trail of the Big Trees in the photo gallery.

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